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Here at Appliance Repair Lancaster CA, we specialize in Whirlpool and Kenmore appliance repairs.  Whirlpool and Kenmore refrigerator repairs, Whirlpool and Kenmore washer & dryer repairs, and all major appliances made by Whirlpool and Kenmore.  If you live in Lancaster, CA or anywhere in the Antelope Valley and your Kenmore dishwasher has stopped draining or your Whirlpool refrigerator has stopped cooling or maybe your Kenmore dryer has stopped heating, you've come to the right place!

Whirlpool appliance repair Lancaster, CA and Kenmore appliance repair Lancaster, California    B&D Appliance Repair Service repairs Whirlpool and Kenmore Appliances in Lancaster, CA

B&D Appliance Repair Service has been repairing Whirlpool and Kenmore Appliances for Lancaster and Palmdale, CA since 1998.  Bob Meadows (the appliance guy) is the owner and appliance technician.  Bob has over 30 years experience and specializes in Whirlpool and Kenmore.  No need to pay the high fees the factory technicians charge.  We are a small, family-owned business right here in Lancaster & Palmdale, CA and we keep our overhead low so that we can charge less than you'll find anywhere.  Remember, "The Bigger The Company,..The Higher The Price".  Before you decide who to call for your Kenmore and Whirlpool appliance problems, please read:  "Why Choose B&D Appliance Repair?" and also "Understanding The Appliance Repair Service Call Charge".

We carry a large inventory of appliance parts for Whirlpool and Kenmore appliances including washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, icemakers, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, ranges, cooktops, and garbage disposers.  If you need a part we don't normally stock, we can usually have it in 1 or 2 days.

If you have a question about a Whirlpool or Kenmore appliance repair, or any brand appliance, please give Bob a call.  He's very friendly and will be glad to discuss your appliance problem with you.   He'll even give you free appliance repair advice Lancaster, CA. Check out our main website at appliance repair Antelope Valley, CA for much more information.

Call B&D Appliance Repair Service for Lancaster & Palmdale, CA at (661) 947-3428

"We would like to be the appliance repair company that you trust to call, here in Lancaster, CA, when your appliances aren't behaving".

Whirlpool and Kenmore appliance repair experts in Lancaster, CA                   
                          "If You Use Us Once,...You'll Use Us Again!"
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