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Service Call charge for appliance repair in Lancaster, CA
The Appliance Repair Service Call Charge - What You Should Know

Everyday there's at least 2 or 3 people from Lancaster & Palmdale, CA that call me and their only question is this.  "How much is your service call charge for appliance repair?"  They believe whoever has the lowest appliance service call charge must be the best appliance repair service company to call.  Actually, the service call price is not what's important.  What's important is how much the total appliance repair is going to cost you.  The service call charge should cover the appliance technician coming to your home and diagnosing what's wrong with your washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator or any home appliance.  It should also include a written estimate for the repair.  If it turns out that the appliance is not worth repair or if you decide you would rather not repair it for the estimate you were given, then you should only pay the service call for a written estimate.  If you decide to go ahead with the estimate, then there should be no service call charge to you.  You should only pay parts & labor for the appliance repair.   

Unfortunately, not all companies are understanding the service call charge the same.  Some companies charge a service call and labor. They don't waive the service call when you go ahead with the appliance repair.  One of the biggest & most well known appliance repair companies ( I won't say who but rhymes with Beers ) charges close to $100 for their service call.( pay more & wait longer! )  Some companies have a very low service call charge.(too low)  It's how they get people to call them.  You only save if you don't have them fix your appliance.  Wait till you see their estimate!  I'm not saying that all the companies with the really low service call will over-charge you for the appliance repair,...........I just haven't found one yet that doesn't. 

I have been charging the same service call price since the early 90's.  $27.00 for Palmdale, Lancaster, Quartz Hill, Littlerock, Acton & Leona Valley, CA.  For the cities further out like Lake Los Angeles, Rosamond, Lake Elizabeth, Green Valley, Lake Hughes and Pearblossom, CA, the service call charge is $35.00.  I only charge the service call if you decide not to go ahead with the repair.  Then I give you a written estimate.  If you decide to have the appliance repair done within 30 days, then I deduct the service call you paid from the estimate and you just pay the difference.  If you choose to go ahead with the appliance repair right away, then you just pay parts & labor.  No service call charge! ( labor cost depends on the job but my labor costs are the lowest I've seen anywhere )  So what I'm saying is, most of the time, the service call charge doesn't even matter.  What you really should be asking when you call around is this.  If I tell you what kind of appliances I have and what the symtoms are, could you give me some idea of what type of repair might need to be done and what the possible cost might be?  

I Would Tell You!  I would ask you the brand and model # of the appliance.  I'd ask you questions to help me narrow down what it could be.  I'd give you possibilities of what it could be and the repair cost if it turned out to be just that.  There's no way I can be sure over the phone but at least you'll have an idea about what the appliance repair is going to cost you....You'd be amazed how many companies here in Palmdale, Lancaster and The Antelope Valley, CA wont do that!

Keep this in mind:  If the company you're calling won't give you some idea of what it might be and cost,...if they keep saying: "A technician will have to come out and see your appliances first before we can tell you anything",... then maybe they're not the best choice.  Before you decide who the best company is for appliance repair antelope valley, ca,  please read "Why Choose B&D Appliance Repair?".

Appliance technician and appliance repairman in Lancaster, CA - Bob Meadows
Bob Meadows
Owner/Appliance Technician
B&D Appliance Repair Service
Lancaster & Palmdale, CA
(661) 947-3428
How much is a service call charge for appliance repair?
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